ERTICO Academy and SAENA empower Saxony’s stakeholders with training on ITS and emission reduction

The ERTICO Academy, in cooperation with ERTICO partner, SAENA GmbH, recently conducted a comprehensive training program in Dresden, Germany, focusing on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and their role in reducing emissions from the transport sector.

A comprehensive training program titled “How can Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) Mitigate Emissions from the Transport Sector” was recently conducted by experts from the ERTICO Academy. The training, hosted by SAENA GmbH at its headquarters, targeted key stakeholders from the Free State of Saxony. With experts from IEEESWARCOYunex TrafficAimsun, and the City of Hamburg joining the ERTICO experts, the ERTICO Academy delivered training and valuable insights for both the public and the private sector participants from the region who had the opportunity to spend two days deep diving into the role of intelligent transport systems in addressing emissions reduction in the transport sector.

The training program covered various aspects of technology life-cycle management, including relevant standards, digital EU mobility infrastructure, and EU authoritative data exchange infrastructure (NAPCORE). Additionally, TN-ITS and IEEE offered sessions on real-life use case deployments and results. The collective expertise of ERTICO and its partners facilitated a holistic understanding of innovative deployment methodologies and best practices.

Dr Tamara Djukic, ERTICO Senior Manager in Innovation & Deployment and the ERTICO Academy activity lead, emphasised the importance of face-to-face training and open discussions with peers in capacity building for public authorities and stakeholders. The training program enabled participants to establish solid foundations for implementing innovative solutions aligned with their specific vision and needs. Moreover, the exchange of experiences and lessons learned from cities like Hamburg, Dresden, and Leipzig, which also had the opportunity to benefit from this training added practical knowledge on how to address local challenges effectively. ERTICO, with its extensive experience in ITS and C-ITS and its extensive network of partners, was able to support ERTICO partner, SAENA, in promoting mutual learning and collaboration by bringing the cities and stakeholders from the region of Saxony together in Dresden.

The training sessions in Dresden were delivered by Dr Djukic, along with ERTICO’s in-house experts on Traffic Management and TN ITS. Dr Johanna Tzanidaki, Chief Innovation Officer at ERTICO focused on Interactive Traffic Management and the concept of TM 2.0 while Frank Daems, Senior Manager at ERTICO discussed the specifications and work of the ERTICO Innovation Platform TN-ITS. Dr Djukic discussed ITS and C-ITS solutions. The participants agreed that cooperation between the public and the private sector and also among cities ensures that ITS innovative deployments become more strategic and citizen-centric.

“The ERTICO Academy is an essential tool for upskilling in the rapidly changing mobility and transport sector. Industry technology solutions, coupled with implementation strategy guidelines and city peer-to-peer exchange, are key pillars to bring a wealth of knowledge and best practice experience to the cities worldwide,” says Dr Djukic, the main lead behind the ERTICO Academy training.

“Through our comprehensive training programmes, we are empowering key stakeholders to leverage the power of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in mitigating emissions from the transport sector. By equipping our partners and their stakeholders with the latest insights in the field of sustainable mobility, best practices, and real-life deployment, we are fostering dialogue and closer cooperation among the actors in the mobility ecosystem,” remarked Dr Johanna Tzanidaki.

ERTICO and its team of experts are committed to delivering training programs to public authorities across the EMEA region and beyond. Partners from Belgium, Italy, Greece and Turkey have already benefited from the training courses offered by the ERTICO Academy in the past 3 years. The ERTICO Academy, with its unique training platform, plays a pivotal role in providing specialised training in smart mobility to public authorities and their teams. By leveraging the expertise of experienced mobility professionals and state-of-the-art resources, the academy facilitates continuous learning and upskilling, leading to more effective and sustainable transportation solutions.