Since 2016, the ERTICO Academy has offered unique training programmes delivered by ERTICO‚Äôs in-house experts and its international partners, to upskill for rapid changes in the field of smart mobility and transport systems. Leveraging ERTICO’s growing network of prestigious partners (125+ industry companies, public authorities, and research institutions) and in-house experts, the Academy builds and delivers tailored training programmes to increase mobility literacy and awareness of the benefits of the latest innovations in the transport and mobility sector.

The training programmes are tailored and geared towards all appointed public officials, existing professionals in the smart mobility and transport sector, and future transport professionals at high schools and universities. The focus of training programmes is based on cutting-edge practice and expertise resources on a wide range of topics supporting the sustainable deployment of ITS, CCAM, Digitalisation and New Mobility and logistics solutions.

The Academy delivered over 30 customised training programmes in person and online to 350+ professionals working for public authorities, public institutions, and industry stakeholders. These courses had a duration of between 8 to 32 hours over a period of 1 to 3 days.

The ERTICO Academy programme is based on the circular principle for capacity building and advancing talent. It encourages learning, peer-to-peer knowledge, best practice exchange, and deployment of gained knowledge through action plans. In this way, it enables faster and better-informed decision-making in deploying innovative solutions in the smart mobility and transport system.

The Academy serves as a platform for lifelong knowledge enhancement and upskilling, allowing participants to consolidate their skills through interactive training sessions in two formats: free online courses and tailored in-person training. Academy’s experts will advise on the combination of the training levels to deliver the new skillset in the most efficient way, depending on the training skill set and knowledge requirements.

All the ERTICO Academy courses are certified.

Tailored in-person format:

  • Mission Training
  • Expert Training
  • Peer2Peer Training

Online format:

  • E-learning Platform